How Does Crystal® Body Deodorant Work?

Odor is caused by bacteria that grow in moist environments on the body. Natural mineral salts found in our Crystal deodorants form a barrier on the skin that creates a very unfriendly environment for these bacteria.

Crystal offers a healthy deodorant alternative to popular deodorants, most of which are filled with unwanted chemicals your body really doesn't need.
The Difference Between Deodorants
Our Researchers Ask… How Far Would You Go to Avoid Body Odor.

The most common products used to control body odor are deodorants and antiperspirants. Deodorants work by masking, suppressing, or preventing body odor. Deodorants do not tend to reduce the amount of perspiration the body produces.

Antiperspirants, on the other hand, use a variety of chemicals that artificially clog pores. Mainstream antiperspirants have as their main ingredient(s) Aluminum Chlorohydrate, Aluminum Zirconium, Aluminum Chloride, Tricholorohydrex Glycine, and Aluminum Hydroxybromide – all controversial ingredients shown to be potentially unhealthy for our bodies.

Natural Science: Understanding Salt Deodorants

Mineral salts are present in the water we drink, in almost all the foods we eat, and in the air we breathe. At the foundation of Crystal deodorant is the natural mineral salt called 'Alum'. Alum is a compound of Aluminum, which is the third most abundant element in nature, after oxygen and silicon. It has been part of our environment since the beginning of time and is one of the basic building blocks of our universe.

Mineral salts (Alum) should not be confused with Aluminum Chlorohydrate or Aluminum Zirconium, which are regulated by the FDA as drugs, and are purposefully intended to plug the pores so as to stop perspiration.


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